• Image of RACHMANINOFF (Party Animal)
  • Image of RACHMANINOFF (Party Animal)



Introducing Party Animal, the new collection from Adrian Boswell, featuring the new shape White Broccoli on a tonal background, with additional multicoloured expressive detail.

The collection is limited, and each piece is a unique 1 of 1 item, numbered & signed by Adrian Boswell.

Image of DEBUSSY (Party Animal)
DEBUSSY (Party Animal)
Image of DU PRÉ (Party Animal)
DU PRÉ (Party Animal)
Image of WILLIAMS (Party Animal/Deluxe)
WILLIAMS (Party Animal/Deluxe)
Image of VIVALDI (Party Animal)
VIVALDI (Party Animal)
Image of KENNEDY (Party Animal)
KENNEDY (Party Animal)
Image of CHOPIN (Party Animal)
CHOPIN (Party Animal)
Image of PAVAROTTI (Party Animal)
PAVAROTTI (Party Animal)
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